The Lost World - Dusty Blue
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We miss the good old fashion days when tea-time was an elegant affair with tea brewed carefully with the best tea leaves in a pot. The Tessa tea pot is our tribute to the days gone by. A sense of nostalgia for the simpler days inspired the The Lost World Collection. These handmade pieces are inspired by long forgotten white stoneware designs, the kind that line dusty old shelves in antique stores and pile up in flea markets. These are molded in a traditional pottery style passed down from generations. Crafted by hand, each piece is unique, with minor variations in shape owing to the individual artisan, or colour and shade, due to the glaze pooling differently or maybe the kiln temperature being hotter/cooler than before. Each piece is finished in a specially developed glaze that highlights the unique colours and shades, celebrating its imperfections and ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. Rustic and elegant, these New Romantic pieces are not only perfect for those special occasions but also practical for every day use. These are entirely handcrafted in India.

This product measures: Length: 25.5 cm Width: 13.5 cm Height: 19 cm

The Lost World ceramics are handmade from high quality stoneware.

Please wash with warm soapy water before first use, after removing all packaging materials and labels.

All our stoneware is microwave, dishwasher, freezer and oven safe up to 500 degrees F.

Our ceramics are Food safe and do not contain lead or cadmium.

Exposing ceramics to sudden extreme temperature changes can reduce their life. Avoid plunging an extremely hot item into cold conditions or visa versa. Avoid putting a very hot dish directly into a cold water. Gradual warming and cooling is recommended

Although our stoneware is sturdy, repeated contact with hard edges might cause marking or chipping.

These pieces are lovingly handmade, so no two pieces are identical, each item will feature unique variations in colour and shape.

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