About us


Ikka Dukka was conceived to provide products to customers that we ourselves would love to wear and see in our home. We are a boutique store with, what we believe to be interesting products and designs.

We work with artisans and talented designers to bring you beautifully crafted pieces from around India and the world. Our vendors, artisans, and designers work with us as they share our vision to provide you with exquisite products of a contemporary style and service that is not currently available in the online market.

Ikka Dukka patrons will have confidence in the fact that when shopping with us that they will receive products of top quality for reasonable prices.

We hope you like what we have created and will join our Ikka Dukka family for many years to come in revelling in the pleasure of cutting edge design.

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Loving great design,

The Ikka Dukka Team.

About us