Flower Shower: The Culture of Flowers in India Book

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Flowers occupy a special role in Indian culture, history, myth and tradition. From  the  most  elevated  space  of  the  sacred  to  adornment in  everyday  life, there  is  a  flower  for  every  season,  every  reason and  a  special  one  for  the  numerous  gods  and  goddesses  of  Indian  religion. 

Flowers—as offerings during ritual worship to intricate carvings on temple walls, embedded in modern paintings by contemporary artists to colourful carpets for welcoming gods and guests, from fragrant garlands that adorn Indian brides and grooms to aromatic essential oils and perfumes, used as a play of seduction in the Kamasutra—they refresh our spirits and elevate our souls.

Flower Shower: The Culture of Flowers in India explores this integral role that flowers play in our world. Discussing a range of topics from botany to aesthetics and history to poetry, the author takes  you through an immersive  journey, laden  with  the  beauty and  perfumes  of  the  exotic, nutritional and decorative  role of flowers within Indian tradition and  aesthetics…

Author : Dr. Alka Pande Format: Hardback ISBN: 978-93-85285-95-0 Pages: 260 Publisher: Niyogi

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