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Reign - A regal indulgence of White Oudh from agarwood trees

All Kastoor modern ittars are created using hydro distillation method and are distilled in pure sandalwood. These are created using pure extracts and are without any chemicals, synthetics or alcohol. Oudh - A dense dark resin extracted from the Agarwood trees of Assam, India exudes an exquisite sensual fragrance which permeates a sense of opulence and luxury. Oudh also has calming properties. Rose – India, being home to a variety of roses, lends its Rose Edouards and Rose Damascena to create a rich sweet fragrance that balances the woodiness of the Oudh. 

Avoid direct sunlight in storage. Use behind ears, on neck and on the inside of the wrists.

      • Contains 8 ml
      • Measurment 1.2 x 1.2 x 4 In
      • Store at a cool dry place.
      Avoid direct sunlight in storage. Use ehind ears, on neck and on the inside of the wrists.

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