The Kardashians of the 1930s - Peek Into The Lives Of The Mitford Sisters

The first generation of influencers or the Kardashians of the 1930s, the opinionated Mitford sisters led stormy, scandalous lives in the era of the Great Wars. In tumultuous times, they were a constant source of dazzlement for the public. Each different in thoughts, political leanings and way of lives, they were the epitome of the glitz that surrounded the British aristocracy and somehow, nearly a century later, these posh women who started and broke trends, continue to fascinate people.

Eldest sister Nancy Mitford was a satirical novelist. She wrote many classic gems like The Pursuit Of Love, said to be borrowed from the stories of her own family and Love In A Cold Climate.

Second sister Pamela took up poultry farming and lived with another woman until the end of her days, defiant of the times she lived in.

Then came Diana, who married fascist leader Oswald Mosley and counted Hitler as a friend.


Then, Unity who was the girl smitten by Hitler and even attempted to take her own life after Britain declared war on Germany.

Then, Jessica the Communist who moved to America and joined the American Communist Party and worked closely in the Civil Rights Congress. 


Finally, there was the youngest Deborah, who became the Duchess Of Devonshire and ran one of the most stately homes in England.

Known for their wit, eccentricity and questionable politics, these women were the true ‘influencers’ of their times. As the war dawned on Europe, the Mitford sisters turned on each other too - Diana was imprisoned after being suspected of sharing information with the Nazis after Nancy informed on her.

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