India's Painted Palace!

Grand, glorious and extremely fascinating, India’s ‘Painted Palace’ in the state of Madhya Pradesh, shrouded in tints of turquoise blue, green and yellow is a treat for the eyes. This week Ikka Dukka takes a look at the Man Mandir Palace in the historic city of Gwalior. The palace is a 15th Century architectural marvel. Here are a few interesting picks from the fort complex: 
We recommend you visit early in the morning when the day’s first sunlight hits the rosy sandstone for a charming sight of the palace. 
Walk towards the very end of the complex to the Bhim Singh Rana Chhatri, for a few moments of quiet. Built on the bank of Johar Kund, this three storeyed cenotaph flanked by a dome, is an alluring sight full of history. 
One of the edges of the Gwalior Fort overlooks the city and has a breathtaking view. 
Take a stroll around the Archaeological Museum opposite the Man Mandir Palace and find a faceless Buddha relic, amongst others. 
7th century rock-cut Jain monuments at Gopachal Parvat as you climb atop the Fort, are some of the most extensive series of Jain caves known to exist anywhere. 

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