Art as a tool to transform the walls of your home

As the year draws to a close, here is your sign to redo the mundane corners of your home with a renewed imagination. Powerful and innovative spaces around you can bring about tranquility and focus, giving life to your house. The places you spend most of your time deserve to be done up in a manner that exudes beauty but also remains personal to you and your experiences. 

Here are some interesting pictures we found on Pinterest that show how art prints are a great way to completely alter the style, mood and tone of any wall. Art prints are an excellent source to add a dash of colour to plain bland backgrounds, switching things up when the look of a corner becomes monotonous and dim, bringing about elegance.


Vivid art prints on beautiful plain walls are a delight to look at. These fauna art prints can signify a variety of meanings. Wild animals like a tiger or a lion can signify strength, resilience and power to take on challenges. An elephant can signify wisdom and vitality and a monkey symbolises joy and frolic. 

Check out more art prints of beautiful flora and fauna here:

This combination of a Persian rug paired with the art prints in black frames on a white wall is just exquisite. Ikka Dukka carries a selection of handwoven, brightly-hued traditional Afghan rugs that go very well with art prints also available on our website. We love how the wooden furniture and plants add a touch of serenity to this setting. 

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Lamps add poise to settings, making them a crucial aspect of home decor. Practical and stylish, one can find many interesting ways to showcase them in a manner that looks gorgeous and also serves the purpose of good lighting when required. We just love how the art prints and the lamp shade in this picture contrast each other in terms of colour. A fun way to redo a traditional ‘study table’.

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Floral arrangements are a go-to choice among those renovating their spaces. Signifying transformation, beauty, purity and passion, flowers breathe life into the corners of your home. When placed against solid coloured walls these prints can truly spruce things up. Bright yellow, navy blue and ash grey colours are some preferred choices for wall colours. They look chic and also make a great contrast with other pieces of furniture in the setting. 

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Art prints with faces of royalty or notable people from history are also a great choice when doing up the walls of your home. History is a source of immense fascination for most people and the wonder it brings can really highlight your home decor. The colours are vivid and the design is usually careful and intricate making it a rich choice. 

For art prints from history that can jazz up your homes, check out:

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