Drishti necklace
Drishti necklace

Drishti necklace

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The triangle has long been known as the strongest and most mystical force of all. In various cultures it signifies strength, stability in Christianity its the holy trinity, in ancient Egypt it symbolized the deities horus, isis and Osiris. In Hellenic it represented fir and it act as prism channel of positive and negative forces. This pure whitedruids of Swarovski crystal act as a balancing center, and it is flanked by an 'evil eye' sourced from the glass island of Murano. The evil eye is a talisman of protection, and has a strong root in most cultures dating back 3000 years to Greece and Egypt. It holds particular significance in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. On the right of the triangle sits a gold plated feather, the feather has long been worn by Native American chiefs as the symbols of the spirit and their psychic channel into the celestial world. Even dating back to the Stonehenge, feathers were worn during ceremonies to ease their communion with higher spiritual powers. In Christianity, the three feathers represent hope, charity and faith. Carefully woven in hand dyed brown hemp, this necklace is dotted with smaller Swarovski crystals and unpolished raw brass beads. 'Barsaati' comes from the Hindi word 'Barsaat', which means the rains; the monsoon. At Barsaati they care about the planet; Barsaati do not use leather, fresh wool or fur and try to ensure all materials utilised are responsibly sourced. 'Barsaati' jewels are made by hand, each piece unique, inspired by India,but made up of gift's that come from every corner of our planet; Barsaati use genuine Austrian Swarovski crystals. set in responsibly farmed South American hemp cord. Barsaati's finding charms and beads from the Greece, Czech hand pressed glass and gold/titanium plated Quartz. Barsaati vintage timepieces are carefully collected and restored by master watchkeepers. Variations in product and cord are a natural (and charming) part of hand-made products.
  • Store in bag / box provided  
  • Keep away from moisture, and perfumes once jewellery is worn  
  • Clean with dry, soft, lint-free cloth  

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